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Golden Eagles Athletics

Johnson Central High School


Golden Eagles Athletics

Johnson Central High School

Golden Eagles Athletics

Johnson Central High School

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Will Hedrick - Golf

5.0 years ago

Feature Athlete of the Month (August)

Will Hedrick

(Senior Johnson Central High School)

Son of: Tracey Hedrick-Hamilton and Ronnie Hamilton of Paintsville

Brother to: Alyssa Hedrick (Sophomore at JCHS - member of Lady Eagles Softball Team)

GPA: 4.0 (#1 in class of 2017)

JC Major: Allied Health and Sciences

Getting to Know Will (Q & A):

What are you college plans after leaving Johnson Central?

I plan on studying Radiology at EKU and hopefully playing collegiate golf. After that I would like to go the UK School of Medicine.

Has EKU made any official offers?

Nothing official, but I have been in contact with them and think it would be a great fit academically and athletically

What do you enjoy doing when not playing golf?

I really enjoy the outdoors.  I like to hunt during bow, modern rifle, and black powder seasons.  Fishing, hiking, things like that make me feel at peace.

Do you focus on one specific species when you hunt?

No, I hunt turkey, squirrel, deer, pheasant, pretty much anything.

What's the biggest deer you have killed?

11 point!

What other sports do you play besides golf?

Since my freshman year, only golf. Through middle school and into my Freshman year at Johnson Central I played them all, baseball, basketball, football, etc. but after a leg injury I decided to focus on golf.

You must have been very good at golf at a young age.

Actually I had never picked up a club until I was maybe 12 and only started playing competitively in 7th grade. 

Wow, what got you started?

A friend of the family told my dad I should try golf.  We went out and hit some balls and I never struggled getting the ball up the air or hitting for distance.  I fell in love and the next day we were shopping for clubs. 

So you could say you were a natural?

I guess you could say that.

How do you train your body for golf?

I play year around. In the winter I go to Lexington and work with a trainer connected to my swing coach Larry Ward.  We really focus on core exercises and generating club head speed.

Do you focus on diet?

Of course. My favorite food is steak and baked potatoes, but you have to focus on what you eat to be an athlete at any level.

What is your handicap and how far can you consistently hit a golf ball?

I am a +1 handicap and hit the ball in the 315 range consistently with the driver.

Who is your favorite teacher at JC?

Todd Conley

Why do you like JC above other schools in the area?

The opportunities and the people. We have 26 or so career pathway opportunities and lots of sports and activities to get involved with.  Everyone here makes you feel part of something bigger than yourself and we all have a chance to be successful. I love this school!

Are you involved in any activities at JCHS?

?Yes. I compete in Skills USA and HOSA.  I also like to go to as many sporting events as I can.

What kind of music do you listen to?

All kinds. Gospel, Rap, Rock, Country.  I really like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr., and Chris Stapleton though!

Your very good at golf, what is it about the game the draws you to it?

You have to be a hard worker to do well. You have to be self motivated to do well.  Golf is a sport where you cant blame anyone else for a poor effort so staying focused and in the moment  is key.  I am a hard worker who is self motivated so I guess that's what draws me to golf. Always staying in the moment.

You have won two tournaments so far this season. What is your best finish in the post season?

I got 2nd place in 2014 as a Sophomore, losing by 2 strokes in the regional tournament. I again got 2nd place in 2015 as a Junior, losing by 1 stroke in regionals.  I really felt like I was right there to win both those tournaments and hope to finish the task this year and make a run at state.

During a golf competition, what is your favorite format?

Match play for sure. I like the intimidation factor I can bring to my opponent.

What is the best round you have shot at some local courses?

66 at Paintsville. 68 at Stonecrest.

Tell us about your pre-round routine.

I dont eat before I tee off at any time. Sometimes I grab a snack mid round, but not usually. When i get to the course I start warming up with a wedge and work my way up to the bigger clubs.

What would you say has been the key to your success both in the classroom and on the golf course?

The support I get from my family, teachers, and coaches.  Without them behind me, pushing me, I would not be were I am today.

Good Luck the rest of the season Will. Eagle Nation will be behind you!

Feature Written By: Clinton Hackney 8/22/2016